mardi 21 août 2012

How to make colored sanding sugar!!

Used the butterfly cookie cutter from the KJ store.

Ever made your own colored sugar? So easy and without paying for those fancy sugars  again. Now you can make your own any color you want.

All you need is a ziploc bag (I use the sturdy freezer bags), some sugar and some americolor coloring in the shade that you need.

Put the sugar in the bag and a drop of your americolor coloring. Close bag.
Use your hand to knead the color. It will probably look like this at the beginning.

A little more kneading, you can add more color if you need to at this point.

I used Americolor Peach with 2 drops for this shade (Will probably use it for some Halloween cookies in a month)

Here I used Sky Blue with 2 drops as well because I needed a darker blue.

Hope this helps when you need some colorful sanding sugar for your cookies next time.

Picture from Sweet SugarBelle

Picture from Sweet SugarBelle


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