samedi 15 septembre 2012

Cookie Cutter Texture Set - Easy Beautiful Cookies

Whats Inside the Cookie Cutter Texture Set box (Scroll to the bottom for links to the store)

It comes with the Cookie cutter, 3 Texture sheet sets that fit the cookie cutter and 2 recipes for some butter and some chocolat sugar cookies. (Shown here is the Formal Dress Kit)

So easy to use.

What you will need: Cookie Cutter Set, Some fondant (in this case i used Almond Paste), a rolling pin and some cookies of course

Roll out your fondant
Cut Out the Shape
Choose your texture set, put it on your fondant and roll the pin firmly on it, Just once (so it will not move)
Voilà!! Thats it, your done.
Put your fondant on your cookie and decorate with any details (Shimmers, flowers, bows, ...)
Exemple of the other textures sets - this one is gorgeous because it fits excatly on it.
I started to use some icing sugar because my almond paste started to stick to my counter it was so hot.
Some exemples of the finished cookies.


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