mercredi 12 septembre 2012

Unfolding the Fox Run Cupcake Carousel

So I have been transporting my cupcakes everywhere in my Wilton Cupcake Carrier.
Needless to say that they arrive upside down, all messed up.
So I could not wait to receive my new shipment of the Fox  Run Cupcake Carousel.
As soon as I got them, I put one aside just for me. Pink of course.

I love it and so will you for sure.
Here are some pictures to show you its details. Its so practical and so pretty.

Comes with a tranparent cover that locks and a handle for easy transporting of course

Comes with 3 different trays, each holds 8 cupcakes and each has a handle as well
 (Trays turn on the axle)

And I am so happy that they can even handle my cute baking cups, they fit perfectaly inside

So You won't just use it for carrying your cupcakes but for showcasing them as well.


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