dimanche 4 novembre 2012

Rudolph and his friends

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You can find all the supplies in our Christmas Store.

Look what an upside down heart can make!

Supplies you will need.

In addition you might need a black food writing pen (for the mouth) and red color dust (for the cheeks) and a couple of chocolate melts (for the eyes).

Dip the heart into the candy melts and right before dry add pretzels then let dry.

First I add the nose with a drop of candy melts to make it stick. Then I used chocolate candy melts to make the eyes.
1 drop for each.

There is something about the simplicity of this one that I really like.

The Bow is two jumbo hearts facing each other. A drop of candy melts in the center and stick on the green sprinkle.

The cheeks I colored on with a brush and pink color dust.

I added some eyelashes to dress up the girls.

Bow on top and it's a girl.

Bow on bottom and it is Rudolf.


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