jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Guest Post - Halloween Treats

Version Française de cet article:

Guest Blogger Andrea Abdelhay is testing our New CK "Candy Writer" and CK "Melt and Fill" Chocolates to make some Halloween Treats for the kids.

Making chocolates is a fun activity to do with kids but it can get really messy. I found that with using “CK Products Melt & Fill” the experience is much easier and mess free! Not only does it come in a variety of colors but it even has tips to add to the tube in order to master those details on each chocolate.

Here are 5 easy steps I followed to make some Halloween chocolates.

1.       Put the tubes in hot (but not boiling water).

2.       Place the candy sticks in the moulds.

3.       After about 5 minutes, remove the tube from the water and massage the tube of chocolate in your hands.

4.       Snip the tip of the tube and squeeze the chocolate into your mould using the different colors.

5.       Refrigerate for 15 minutes, then pop them out of the mould and enjoy!

*Helpful tip – replace the tubes in the hot water after filling each mould because the chocolate hardens quickly!

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