mardi 7 avril 2015

Easy Meringues

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Yes I shared Meringue recipes before but sometimes you have a complete sweet table to prepare and don't have time to prepare everything from Scratch. I love it when I find products like this Easy, Delicious and Quality products.

From "Scrapcooking" I tried the white Meringue Mix (Exists in Pink too but I love white since you can color it).

Just Add water and mix (I did leave the mixer on for 10 minutes)

So yes you can color it with a drop on americolor.

And you can even add a drop of Lorann Gourmet Oils at this step

Mine were not colored at this step but I did add a drop of coconut in the mix

For the 2 or 3 colors effect on the meringue, add a drop of color on the side of your bag from americolor  and then add your meringue in the icing bag before piping.

For little bites, easter egg nests, christmas trees, ... and bake for 2 hours at a low 170 degrees

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